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SNL unifies divided nation with political sketch

Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin, posing as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively, ditched divisive political jargon to embrace strangers and bring a dose of levity to the toxic campaign. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump chose to forgo their normal bickering and join hands for a […]

Racist SNL cast member should be fired

Melissa Villasenor, the newest additon to the SNL cast, was caught deleting over 2,000 racist tweets. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) first Latina cast member came under fire this week for deleting over 2,000 tweets that have been referred to as “racist;” mostly directed at African-Americans and […]

SNL fails to deliver

Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) this weekend amidst avid protests from those infuriated by Trump’s abundantly racist nature. Many protestors lined the street outside Rockefeller Center, picketing and baulking at the show’s decision to allow the GOP presidential candidate to host the show.  Despite the complaints, SNL chose […]