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Too little too late for GOP to replace Trump

Over 160 Republican leaders have taken a stand against Donald Trump. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE After footage showing Republican candidate Donald Trump bragging about groping and attempting to have sex with women was released on Friday, many members of the Republican Party are calling for him to drop out of […]

Despite polls, Trump unlikely to win Florida primary

ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU After Donald Trump’s visit to the USF Sun Dome Friday, many have questioned whether he has a chance at winning the Florida Republican primary on March 15. The fact that many of Trump’s supporters are independent voters may hinder Trump’s success since Florida has closed primaries, meaning […]

Republican candidates trump Donald

The fourth republican presidential debate of this campaign season led to a pleasant surprise. The candidates actually spent time focusing on issues rather than personally attacking each other.  While no single contender came out as a clear winner, several held their own and finally stepped up to the plate during […]

It’s time for Bush to resign

When Jeb Bush announced he was running for president in June, many assumed he would undoubtedly become the frontrunner for 2016. However, with the unlikely emergences of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, that quickly changed.  Now, not even five months later, Bush is grasping at straws to remain a contender […]

Fiorina tries, fails to capture female vote

The republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race met for the third GOP debate Wednesday. The entire night consisted of tearing each other apart and diverting from important issues.  While most candidates attempted to distract viewers with outlandish rants about anything but the topic, a few, in the heat of […]