University cannot afford a presidential debate

Barack Obama talks about it. John McCain talks about it. And this election season, money is not only a hot topic during the presidential debates — it was the major factor in USF’s decision not to apply to host one. “Sponsoring a debate can be expensive and because of University […]

Asbestos warning stirs little concern

Maintenance staff discovered that a hole in the ceiling tile of a music practice room contained exposed asbestos — an insulating material that can cause cancer through long-term exposure. Because there was a hole in the tile, the asbestos insulation around pipes could have spread in the air, prompting officials […]

Gas prices drop

Experts say that the rest of the country should see lower than $3 a gallon prices in a few weeks, but in Tampa, these prices are already dropping — like at Citgo gas station, located at Fletcher Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. Cars lined up around the station Sunday, […]

USF conducts research study to prevent HIV

USF is performing tests on a new form of sexual protection — a vaginal gel designed to prevent the transmission of HIV in women. The goal of the study is to evaluate the safety, acceptability and ease of use of a microbicide called VivaGel, Emmanuel said. Microbicides are substances or […]

Addressing the alcohol issue

In the face of growing state and national concern over the abuse of alcohol on college campuses, the University has created a task force to review the alcohol policies at USF. The Alcohol Awareness and Education Task Force, however, is not specifically responding to the changes in the Beef ‘O’ […]

Homecoming team hits an early road block

A student organization that has won the Homecoming Team Competition seven years in a row said it can’t participate this year because its entry application was handwritten, not typed. Instead, the co-ed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi can only compete in a different bracket for disqualified teams, which cannot win […]

Student Health Services accepts private insurance

Students with private health insurance won’t have to pay out-of-pocket when visiting Student Health Services (SHS) anymore. SHS now accepts multiple insurance providers, instead of only the USF-sponsored health plan. This means that going to the clinic will be cheaper for students and they will no longer have to seek […]

SAFE Team short-staffed

An organization that provides students free, safe rides on campus at night was unable to do so for a two-hour period Tuesday because of staffing problems, an organization administrator said. SAFE Team lacked the manpower to offer rides between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Tuesday, Director William Foote said. Students […]

Leaving to return

A USF director is stepping down from his position to return to his first love: teaching. Director of the School of Mass Communications Edward Jay Friedlander will step down as director by August 2009, followed by a two-semester sabbatical — or leave of absence — from the University. During Friedlander’s […]