Spray paint and streets, graffiti and galleries

Decades ago, street art might have been considered synonymous with vandalism, but different perspectives question whether it’s more of an art or a crime – and legal venues for it now exist. In the ’70s and ’80s, spray painters started a counterculture movement by placing their names on buildings and […]

Centre Gallery gets Cultural

Some may not see graffiti as art, but a new exhibition documents the spray-painted work that appears throughout the southern Mexican city of Oaxaca. The Marshall Student Center (MSC) Centre Gallery’s “Artefacto Cultural” exhibition, which ends Friday, is USF professor and visual artist G.B. Stephens’ photographic collection of the area’s […]

Editors choice: going around Gainesville

Saturday’s USF-UF football game will have USF students scouring Gainesville – some for the first time – and wondering what else the college town has to offer. Even with tailgating and postgame festivities, travelers should have free time if they’re not leaving right after the game. Luckily, the area has […]

Releases worth a bookmark

With summer reading lists behind students and time spent waiting on campus ahead, September is an optimal time to review fall’s literary releases. UNESCO also recognizes Sept. 8 annually as International Literacy Day, which promotes the necessity of reading across countries and further highlights the power of quality writing. Yet […]

GloBull Ambassadors share study abroad stories

The Education Abroad office will host Education Abroad Story Hour Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Education Abroad Gateway Office in the Marshall Student Center. ORACLE PHOTO/COURTNEY COMBS Last year nearly 1,000 USF students studied across the globe from France to Costa Rica. Now, classmates have an opportunity […]