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Überzone – The Digital Mix – Moonshine Music

When it comes to techno, it pays to be open to everything out there. Now this doesn’t mean that everything you will hear will be good, or even decent for that matter, but the latest from techno DJ Überzone brings an explosive set of break beats that keep going strong from beginning to end to the table.

Überzone is the brainchild of southern California native Q, whose most recent offering brings his well-known break beats back for a mix album worth listening to. The Digital Mix brings the combination of various digital gizmos like traditional turntables and structural simulators to produce a sound that deviates from the standard line of most DJs creating mix CDs these days. Unlike most of today’s DJs who choose to produce their mixes by relying solely on programs, Q chooses to take various live elements and incorporate them with other digital equipment to produce a sound that is all his own.

The unique mix makes you wonder when this album will let you down, but by the explosive sixth track, “Kung Fu,” it is apparent that this will not happen.

There are a few times when samples seem misplaced, but they are not enough to deter the high energy given off by this album. Another minor problem is the inclusion of The Crystal Method track, “You Know It’s Hard,” toward the end of the album. This track doesn’t seem to fit into the whole scheme of the album and may leave some wondering if the track was included simply as a sales gimmick.

Aside from the rare misplaced samples and wrongfully chosen track by a famous duo, The Digital Mix is a solid offering from one of break beats’ finest that will be sure to keep you pumped from beginning to end.

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