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Faculty and students voice concerns over safety after election

The recent presidential election has resulted in protests raging across the country — including locally — and a sense of discontent on college campuses. But this feeling manifested before the election in the form of threatening graffiti. “Some of my students and classmates have expressed fear regarding the hate-filled sentiments […]


EDITORIAL: Election results do not excuse hate

The results of the 2016 presidential election has led to radicals on both sides to resort to hateful vandalism across the country. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE This election has led to a divisiveness not previously seen in this nation. Protests are still underway in major cities across the U.S., African-Americans […]


Hateful vandalism on campus should spark outrage, not silence

Fliers posted in the Cypress D dorm at USF stated prejudiced vandalism had taken place. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE/SOPHIA ESCALANTE College students should not ignore the recent vile vandalism on campus. Tolerating hate crimes essentially permits them to continue. Students need to stand up against any form prejudice, especially those […]