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Hurricane Harvey victims need you

Hurricane Harvey has devastated thousands of people in Texas, and you can help assuage their pain. Hurricane Harvey has brought a world of trauma to Houston, Texas. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be spared the storm’s wrath should do everything in our ability to help those who […]


Linebacker announces transfer to junior college

USF linebacker Cecil Cherry tweeted that he's transferring after a season in which he played in all 12 games and recorded 30 tackles. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE USF linebacker Cecil Cherry announced on Twitter that he’s leaving the school for a junior college on Sunday evening. According to Brady Fredericksen […]


After Texas ruling, Florida needs to rethink upcoming laws

After the Supreme Court’s historic ruling Monday on the Texas abortion access laws, Florida needs to re-evaluate its upcoming care restrictions or else it may face similar judgment.  Texas legislatures created the most restricting abortion laws in the nation, which led to the closure of clinics across the state. Legislatures […]