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One hundred points to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg received a top score on the Municipal Equality Index. The city is praised for being inclusive toward all its residents and a great place for members of the LGBT community to live. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE In light of the current election, it is easy to feel as […]


Florida leaders work to combat the Zika virus

The first transmitted infection case of the Zika virus — a disease spread through mosquitos — in the Bay area was confirmed Tuesday, although officials have not announced the exact location within Pinellas County. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE  The first transmitted infection case of the Zika virus in the Bay […]


After Texas ruling, Florida needs to rethink upcoming laws

After the Supreme Court’s historic ruling Monday on the Texas abortion access laws, Florida needs to re-evaluate its upcoming care restrictions or else it may face similar judgment.  Texas legislatures created the most restricting abortion laws in the nation, which led to the closure of clinics across the state. Legislatures […]


Everyone is responsible for reversing climate change

Gov. Rick Scott released his proposal on Nov. 23, for next year’s Everglades Restoration Plan, which totals $151 million — a $45 million increase from the current year’s budget.  The plan involves strategies to jump-start projects to decrease pollution in the Indian River Lagoon and fight for Everglade restoration. Scott […]