Author: Isabelle Cavazos


Constant gun violence should not be our reality

ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU During a recent Q&A, President Barack Obama said there is no place like the U.S.  The statement was the furthest thing from proud, however, as Obama said no other developed country, except the U.S., would tolerate the frequency of gun violence that occurs here.  Regardless of one’s […]

Focal Points

Diving into the deep

Though 73 percent of the Earth is covered by water, the world that lies beneath the waves remains unexplored firsthand, visited only by the select few who decide to take the plunge and become certified scuba divers.  At USF, there are several ways to get training on how to explore […]


Kingston determined to renew USF baseball

ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU Even before participating in three College World Series and coaching 16 would-be MLB players, new USF baseball coach Mark Kingston has had remarkable determination. This determination, in part, stems from Kingston’s admiration of six-time All-Star Don Mattingly, his favorite baseball player growing up. “(Mattingly) played the game […]


Cornering the market

ORACLE PHOTO/WESLEY HIGGINS Most people who hold cardboard signs next to oncoming traffic aren’t hired off the streets by law firms, but that’s what happened last week to Damian Romero.  After graduating from USF, Romero said he and his friend, Jarod Fluck, realized they were lost in the crowd of […]


MOSI displays many dimensions of 3-D printing

“3D Printing the Future” opened Saturday at the Museum of Science and Industry located near campus. ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU Researchers and engineers at USF are bringing the fun of 3-D printing out of the lab and into the spotlight with a new exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry […]


Bro Bowl controversy brings in USF for compromise

The Bro Bowl, an old-school style skate park, could be demolished and reconstructed in the northern end of Perry Harvey Park with the help of USF as soon as the end of summer. ORACLE PHOTO/WESLEY HIGGINS Built in 1978, the Bro Bowl was the first public skate park in Florida […]


Bulls golf coach leaves for Ole Miss

After coaching the Bulls for four seasons, golf coach Chris Malloy is leaving USF for his alma mater, the University of Mississippi.  In his time with the Bulls, Malloy was the 2013 Big East Coach of the Year and coached two Conference Players of the Year.  These players, Brooks and […]


New dean to bring Honors College into ‘global century’

ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU In recent years, USF has attempted to make classrooms more globally oriented and Charles Adams, the newly appointed dean of the Honors College, said he wants to bring that focus to the Honors College. On Wednesday, university officials announced Adams would replace the former dean of the […]


Paying the bills

According to a recent report from the White House, an increasing number of students are relying on student loans to pay for tuition at public universities, which has more than tripled in the past three decades. Roughly 71 percent of the country’s students graduate with debt that averages about $29,400, […]


Two Bulls head to NCAA Championships

  For USF track and field athlete Courtney Anderson, this weekend is a final opportunity to win a national championship.  Last year the senior nearly pulled off that feat, but finished as the national runner-up.  Anderson’s jump of 6-1.25 last year was her personal best and a USF record.  “Last year […]