Give the deathpenalty the chair

Last Thursday marked the first time a woman was put to death in the U.S. in five years. A decade after successfully plotting the death of her husband and stepson, Teresa Lewis finally received so-called justice. This execution has not come without some outcry from international sources, which use Lewis’ […]

Dont jump too quickly to genetic fish

The Food and Drug Admistration (FDA) held hearings last week on the introduction of genetically engineered salmon in the U.S. for human consumption. If approved, these gargantuan creatures would be the first genetically engineered animals of their kind to enter America’s food supply. Injecting fertilized salmon eggs with growth genes […]

Laws ending phone use while driving are off target

The dangers associated with driving while text messaging or talking on the phone are well known and have led many to push for laws prohibiting them while driving. However, this approach may backfire and prove less effective than solutions within the current framework of the law. A report released Tuesday […]

High school mascots arent copyright infringements

In Florida, there are 3,629 public schools totaling more than 2.5 million students. All of these schools need a mascot, whether it’s as clich as the Lions, Tigers or Bears, or as original as the Grenadiers of Colonial High School in Orlando. High schools’ mascots are visible and well known, […]

In combating gun violence, a team effort is needed

There are nearly 12,000 gun-related murders every year in the U.S., with crimes like robbery, illegal possession, sexual assaults and others often involving illegally obtained handguns. Action is needed, as laws regulating gun sale and possession vary from state to state. States that feature the loosest gun control laws threaten […]

Stop the pill shop

Illegal drugs each seem to have their time in the sun. For LSD and heroin, that time was the ’60s and ’70s. Cocaine was popular in the 1980s, and club drugs like ecstasy appeared en masse in the ’90s. Last decade, the aughts, saw the meteoric rise of prescription drug […]

Even in politics, the numbers dont lie

When political comedian Jon Stewart announced plans to hold a “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington, D.C., many wondered if it was little more than a joke. Now that planning and promotions are well under way for the event, conservatives are still left wondering. The Oct. 30 rally, which will […]

Pedestrians need better crosswalk alternatives

The installation of an overpass or pedestrian traffic lights would help alleviate the traffic nightmare thousands of USF drivers and pedestrians deal with on a daily basis, without the need to hire crossing guards. Some of the busiest crosswalks of concern are on Leroy Collins Boulevard – adjacent to the […]

Adoption ruling was fair, needed

Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeals upheld an appeal ruling Wednesday that ended a prohibition on gays and lesbians adopting children in the state, joining many other states that have already done so. Scientific research has consistently shown that there is no significant difference between heterosexual and homosexual parents and […]

A half day of Spanish is full of benefits

For the past four years, some Pinellas County public schools have used an interesting technique to educate elementary school students: they teach the first half of the school day in English and the second in Spanish. This approach teaches students a new skill that is best learned at a young […]