Control butts on the beach by creating smoking sections

Floridians love their beaches. Their atmosphere is a reason why many northerners move to Florida to work or attend colleges like USF, and it’s a critical component of the state’s tourism industry and the millions of jobs that depend upon it. It’s also why serious threats to the beauty of […]

Candidates wrong to avoid editorial boards

For political candidates, a newspaper endorsement can assist in garnering votes, but earning one requires meeting with a paper’s editorial board for a round of intense questioning. These meetings and papers’ subsequent endorsements are something candidates usually squabble over, but recently, some candidates have foolishly dismissed their importance. While it […]

School uniforms dangerously limitstudents individualism

School uniforms are becoming increasingly popular in public schools across the country, but the debate about whether these uniforms are achieving the desired unity needs to be questioned. Pinellas County Superintendent Julie Janssen is pushing to require all county students in grades K-8 to wear school uniforms as part of […]

Dont allow discrimination, Dont Ask, Dont Tell

The U.S. Senate voted last week against the repeal of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell,” a law that prohibits gay and lesbian service members from being open about their sexuality while enlisted. Those found out are subjected to dishonorable discharge from the military. Opponents of the law’s repeal cited concerns of […]

Common applications good

Applying to colleges can be a tiresome and expensive affair, with college hopefuls spending hours filling out separate applications for each school at a cost of about $30 apiece. However, a growing number of colleges have begun cooperating with each other by allowing students to apply to several schools with […]

Healthier lunches needed, wont cost the poor

When most remember grade school, they recall sloppy joes and other unhealthy lunch options. While U.S. school cafeteria workers do their best to provide healthy, delicious meals for children, they are hindered by severely limited resources. On May 5, Michelle Obama unveiled the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act,” which would grant […]

Bars and clubs dont mix with loaded firearms

Tennessee recently became the fourth state, joining Georgia, Virginia and Arizona, to enact a law that allows bar patrons to carry loaded, concealed guns. The changes come as part of a national trend of creating liberal gun laws, formulated after Supreme Court rulings earlier this year overturned handgun bans in […]

Online hate deserves real response

A candle light vigil was held Sunday for Tyler Clementi, a former Rutgers freshman who was only 18 years old when he jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge on Sept. 22. Clementi committed suicide after his roommate posted a video on the Internet that featured him engaging […]

Decriminalize pot, dont make it legal

A vote for nationwide legalization of marijuana is looming on the horizon – 14 states and the District of Colombia have already legalized the drug for medicinal use. However, with California’s Proposition 19, which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, on the Nov. 2 ballot, it seems the drug’s […]

No crime in wearing baggy pants

Whether it’s a personal decision related to fashion tastes or just forgetting a belt, many young men wear pants beneath the waist line, exposing their boxer shorts underneath. This was the topic of a Cocoa, Florida city council meeting Tuesday, where council members rightly decided to abandon efforts to ban […]