Outdated classrooms get a tech makeover

USF has brought some of its oldest classrooms into the iPhone age. The University outfitted 50 classrooms — more than half of them in Cooper Hall — with new instructional technology packages this summer. The upgrades completed a project to modernize 140 general-use classrooms across campus. “Prior to this fall, […]

Are your student loans in danger?

So, what exactly is happening with student-loan providers in the U.S.? More than 120 private-sector lenders have ceased to offer college loans, saying that these loans are not profitable enough. Does this mean students can’t get loans? Not quite. Though the number of private lenders is shrinking, that doesn’t mean […]

Stopping students before they drop out

Unemployment. Eviction. High gas prices. For some students, these aren’t just symptoms of a weakening U.S. economy — they’re things that make getting by financially so difficult that they consider dropping out of college. To help students overcome financial difficulties and stay in school, USF recently launched a program that […]

USF draws from its reserve to pay new teachers

USF’s administration is scrambling to balance the need to hire more teachers with a shrinking budget. As a way to alleviate this pressure, the University decided to tap into a special $53-million fund of one-time cash to employ more adjuncts and part-time teachers, Provost Ralph Wilcox said. This rainy day […]

Scarred in a flash

Matt Dolson puts on a hat and heavy jacket — covering all exposed skin — before he steps into the Florida summer heat. He only has to walk about 100 yards from his front door to stand in the place where, three months ago, an explosion nearly killed him. His […]

Where to get free food the first two days of classes

Monday Aug. 25 CREATE-A-CUPCAKEPresented by Sigma Sigma RhoMarshall Student Center (MSC) 3704, 11am-2pmFree cupcakes SPLASH BASHPresented by Housing and Residential EducationAndros Pool, 12pm-2pmFree food WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOODPresented by Housing and Residential EducationBeta Fields (Behind Beta Hall), 6pm-8pmFree pizza   Tuesday Aug. 26 SO SWEETPresident by Kappa Delta PhiMarshall Center Ballroom (MSC) […]

IN BRIEF: USF St. Petersburg needs to keep better records

USF St. Petersburg has received answers as to why they were placed on probation more than two weeks ago. The Southern Association of Colleges (SACS) placed USF St. Petersburg on probation for failing to meet two compliance standards out of 89. One of the standards not met required the University […]

Smokers light up after pain

A new study has demonstrated that pain can increase the desire to smoke cigarettes. The study, conducted by researchers from USF and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, could have important implications for smokers who suffer from chronic pain. In the May issue of the Journal of […]