Seat vacancies remain after elected senators disqualified

Seven of the 22 elected Student Government (SG) senators lost their positions before they were even seated. Campaign violations of spending more than the allowed $100 budget for candidates and failing to turn in funding receipts disqualified seven elected senators and 19 candidates Friday, SG adviser Gary Manka said in […]

Indian train crash kills 22

NEW DELHI – A passenger train in northern India crashed into another train’s rear carriage reserved for women and disabled passengers, killing 22 people and injuring 16 who remained trapped for hours Wednesday near Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal, police said. Rescuers had to cut open the wrecked […]

Feeling good about fostering

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 6 to 8 million cats and dogs end up in shelters each year. About half are adopted, but the other 3 to 4 million are euthanized. As an alternative,animal fostering allows volunteers nationwide to shelter abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats, […]

USF looks to better postseason chances

USF volleyball coach Claire Lessinger reminds her players where they stand nearly every day. It’s all on the board. “(The girls) are definitely aware of what’s at stake,” Lessinger said. “We keep a Big East board up there that shows records, that shows stats – that shows the race to […]

Student event promotes activism

Though students face busy schedules, one campus organization wants them to know they can change the world – in less than a minute. The Coalition of Global Justice (CGJ) is holding the “Change the World in a Minute or Less” event today in the Marshall Student Center Ballroom. Between 15 […]

No time to dwell

USF coaches and players aren’t dwelling on Thursday’s loss. The only thing they’re dwelling on is talking about Thursday’s loss. “The only tough thing is talking about Cincinnati (to the media) on a Tuesday,” said coach Jim Leavitt of the 34-17 loss to the Bearcats. “You want to move on. […]

Fasting fashion one dress at a time

This month, five USF students, four current and one former, are fasting their fashion. The females wear the same dress – from dawn until dusk – everyday for a month. It’s called the October Dress Project. Senior fine arts major Jessica Luttrull started the group with four of her friends. […]

Foundation honors 4 female journalists

NEW YORK – Four newswomen from Belarus, Cameroon, Iran and Israel who have kept working in the face of intimidation, threats and attacks were honored Tuesday by an international media group. Agnes Taile of Cameroon, who was beaten and left for dead for her work at a radio station; Iryna […]

USF won’t hold back on fundraising

Economic clout left USF wondering if it should continue a massive fundraising campaign that began nearly four years ago. Tuesday night showed the University’s decision: move forward. The “USF: Unstoppable Campaign” hopes to raise $600 million to fund the University’s academic enhancements, capital, faculty, scholarships, and miscellaneous budgets, according to […]

SC Republican chairmen apologize for Jewish remark

COLUMBIA – Two Republican county officials in South Carolina have apologized after they disparaged Jews in a newspaper op-ed in support of a fiscally conservative U.S. senator. The chairmen, Edwin Merwin Jr. and Jim Ulmer, wrote the newspaper in backing Republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s opposition to congressional earmarks. “There is […]