Roofing, plumbing to be renovated in non-residential Holly buildings

The $1.27 million project will be funded through student housing revenue. ORACLE PHOTO/MRIDULA SINGH

USF has begun work on renovations to the plumbing and roofing of five non-residential Holly buildings on the Tampa campus.

The buildings that are being worked on include Holly K, Holly M, Holly L, Holly J and Holly H. 

The Holly K, Holly J and Holly H buildings have some of the dorms’ laundry facilities, while Holly M houses the help and service desks. Holly L serves as a multipurpose storage room.

The project will be completed in two phases. The first phase includes renovation of each building’s plumbing and roof drains, according to Elizabeth Fry, Assistant Director of Communications at Housing & Residential Education. 

The buildings will be worked on one at a time, according to Fry.

Phase one began on Sept. 11 and is expected to wrap up in October with the renovations requiring one week to complete per building. Buildings included in the project are closing operations while phase one work is underway, according to Fry. 

Fry said the second phase will involve the installation of new roofs and flashing – a thin, protective layer that prevents water from seeping into buildings – on the Holly buildings. 

Phase two will begin in October. Each roof installation will take a month, she said. The entire project is expected to be completed during the spring semester. 

The project will cost about $1.27 million and will be funded through student housing revenue. Housing reinvests the revenue brought in into projects that enhance the community, Fry said. 

The pitched roofs on the residential Holly buildings were replaced two years ago so the replacement of the flat roofs on the remaining buildings was the next step to ensure all facilities remain up to date, according to Fry.