SG presidential tickets continue to campaign as general election approaches

Campaigning for candidates will end on March 2. ORACLE PHOTO

Four tickets have continued to campaign in hopes of reaching enough students to secure positions as president and vice president in the spring Student Government general election.

Following a presidential debate on Wednesday giving candidates an opportunity to publicly share their platforms, campaigning will end on March 2. Voting will begin Feb. 27 and end March 2. 

Read more about each tickets’ platforms below.

Cesar Esmeraldi and Elizabeth Volmy

Student government (SG) presidential and vice presidential candidates juniors Cesar Esmeraldi and Elizabeth Volmy said they hope to represent every student as part of their platform, which they have dubbed “M.O.R.E.” for mental health, opportunities, rise in transportation and parking and empowerment. 

Currently serving as senators in SG for the Tampa campus, Esmeraldi and Volmy said they came up with their goals and priorities by listening to what students have to say. 

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Nathan Poinsette and Taeler Bell

If elected, senior Nathan Poinsette will be the first ever St. Pete campus student to serve as Student Government (SG) president. This opportunity drove the presidential candidate to seek unity on all campuses. 

Poinsette and vice presidential candidate Taeler Bell’s campaign acronym “Bull P.R.I.D.E.” consists of five main pillars and goals for their term. With “Philanthropy,” “Resources,” “Inclusion,” “Development” and “Empowerment,” the duo said they hope to lead USF students into recognizing their potential both in and outside of the institution. 

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Manik Jindal and Shubhankar Parashar

Freshman computer science majors Manik Jindal and Shubhankar Parashar said they hope to represent the needs of international, undergraduate and working students as part of their community-driven platform.

The ticket currently does not have an official acronym for their campaign. However, they said they plan to accomplish three main goals: expanding access to resources and information for freshmen and sophomores, bettering working conditions and wages for student employees and fostering a more diverse international community.

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Sebastian Solano and Jessica Malanga

Juniors Sebastian Solano and Jessica Malanga said their involvement with organizations outside of Student Government (SG) makes them more approachable to students. By understanding what the community needs from them, Malanga said the pair wants to put “students” back in SG. 

The candidates’ campaign acronym is composed of six main objectives. The T.H.R.I.V.E. platform stands for transparency, health, resources, integration, vision and empowerment.

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