Taking a peak at USF softball’s 2023 signing class

Coach Ken Eriksen has been part of the USF softball coaching staff since 1989 and has led the team since 1997. USF ATHLETICS PHOTO

USF softball is known for producing major talent on the field with players such as former pitcher Georgina Corrick and outfielder Alexis Johns. This year, South Florida’s recruiting class seems to have potential players to fill the holes left by the alumni.

One part that sticks out with this recruiting class is the number of locals joining the roster. Out of the eight, four are from the Tampa Bay area.

Signee pitcher Alex Wright, with her statistics and rewards at Lake Region High School, could be a possible replacement for the large whole Corrick leaves. In 121 innings pitched, Wright bolstered a 1.04 ERA in 280 strikeouts over three seasons.

She also holds titles such as 4A Player of the Year and MVP from high school.

Possibly joining the circle and playing at third base is signee DaNia Brooks. The infielder has posted a .420 batting average in her time at Sickles High School along with averaging one run per game in her most recent season.

Joining the infield alongside Brooks is second baseman and shortstop Alex Wilkes of Gaither High School. The infielder is deadly in the batter’s box, sporting a .622 batting average in her sophomore season and a .561 her junior year.

Wilkes presents an elite skill set not only with her bat, but also her glove, earning the titles of offensive and defensive player of the year.

The fourth and final Tampa native on the list is signee Sam Walz. The outfielder plays at Newsome High School and mimics former base thief Johns. Walz leads her program with 31 stolen bases in a single season as well as in stolen bases and hits.

Along with the four natives, three northerners also reside on the signing list for 2023.

From New Jersey is utility signee Julia Apostolakas, who showcases talent in all sectors of the field. She has a .634 batting average showing an explosive exposition in her at-bats along with a 59-2 record as a pitcher with a .32 ERA in her junior season.

In the corners is signee first and third baseman Jamia Nelson from Pennsylvania. Coach Ken Eriksen believes Nelson will play a significant role, per a USF softball tweet.

Also joining the Bulls 2023 signing class is Alicea Pepitone, who remains in the corners. In her high school career, she has been named to the top 100 softball players in Long Island list as well as League 1 rookie of the year.

Pepitone has good range at first and third along with a career average of .450.

With these new additions making their way to campus in the next year, the 2023 signing class ranks in the top 50 in college softball at No. 42.