USF Athletics extends contracts for 14 head coaches

Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly said, “USF’s best path forward to success is through continuity and stability in as many leadership positions as possible.” SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

USF Athletics announced Tuesday afternoon the extension of 14 of its head coaches’ contracts through at least the 2023 season.

Many contracts were extended through 2026, including football coach Jeff Scott, men’s basketball coach Brian Gregory, baseball coach Billy Mohl, men’s golf coach Steve Bradley, softball coach Ken Eriksen and track and field and cross country coach Erik Jenkins.

Women’s basketball coach Jose Fernandez’s contract was the only one extended through the 2026-27 season, and women’s soccer coach Denise Schilte-Brown was the only one through 2025.

Two coaches are now under contract through 2023, including women’s golf coach Erika Brennan and men’s soccer coach Bob Butehorn. The men’s and women’s tennis coaches, Ashley Fisher and Cristina Moros, respectively, received extensions through 2024, as well as women’s volleyball coach Jolene Shepardson.

Women’s sailing coach Allison Jolly’s contract will continue to be renewed annually.