USF introduces fan cutouts during basketball season

For $50, basketball fans can order cardboard cutouts of themselves to be displayed in the 100 level seating area. USF ATHLETICS

Although USF basketball fans won’t be allowed inside the Yuengling Center for at least the entirety of the nonconference season, they’ll have the opportunity to see their likeness in the stands while they cheer on the teams from home. 

USF is allowing fans to purchase personalized fan cutouts that will be placed throughout the arena on game days. The cutouts will be spread out through the 100 level seating so they can be viewable during broadcasts of the games.

Bulls fans will be able to purchase their cutouts for $50 and later keep it as a souvenir at the conclusion of the season. Sale of the cutouts will take place throughout the season and placement inside the Yuengling Center will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

All proceeds from the sales will support USF Athletics.

This option will provide fans with a unique opportunity as USF will not have any fans in attendance until at least Dec. 15 and possibly beyond as athletics and the university modify their fan policy depending on the state of the pandemic. Only a limited number of players’ and coaches’ family members will be allowed to attend home games via a pass list. 

USF will not be alone in offering its fans the opportunity to attend games in cutout form, as multiple professional leagues such as the NFL and MLB, and many college basketball programs — Kansas and Kentucky — have chosen to do the same.

Men’s basketball will tip off its season Wednesday against Florida College. The women’s team will begin its season against Jacksonville on Saturday. Both games will be broadcast on ESPN+.