SG presidential election by the numbers

This year's grievances will not have an impact on Khiereddine and Kent's re-election, with only one minor grievance filed against them.

Approximately 10.1 percent of the student body voted during the general election for student body president and vice president last week. This percentage is a decrease from the 17.4 percent of the student body who voted last year.

Moneer Kheireddine and Shaquille Kent, the president- and vice president-elect, won the majority in all but one of the 10 colleges. The ticket received 2,474 votes out of the 4,618 votes cast (53 percent) — 221 opted not to vote for president and vice president, but did vote for other items on the ballot. This result is compared to when they received 5,385 of the 8,636 votes cast (62.35 percent) last year.

Opponents Gabby Cruz and Scott Tavlin received 1,617 (35 percent) of the overall votes, while Peter Corsa and Julius Jackson received 306 votes (7 percent). The only college Kheireddine and Kent lost was the College of Pharmacy with Cruz receiving 9 votes and Corsa receiving 7 votes.

The Election Rules Committee is reviewing filed grievances. There was one minor grievance filed against Kheireddine and Kent of “chalk within 100 feet of a polling station,” while the other two tickets didn’t receive any.

The grievances will not change the results of the election. It would take confirmation of seven minor grievances or one major grievance for a ticket to be disqualified. The Election Rules Committee reviews minor grievances, while major grievances go to the Student Government Supreme Court.