Candidates for student body president and vice president announce campaigns

The candidates for student body president and vice president will have two weeks to campaign before students start voting Feb. 26.

The beginning of the week also started the beginning of campaign season for those seeking to join Student Government (SG) for next school year. Along with Senate seats opening up, the race for student body president and vice president is hitting campus.

Today, the candidates will be at a meet and greet in the Marshall Student Center amphitheater at noon with the presidential debate scheduled for Monday at 6:30 p.m. and the joint debate scheduled for Feb. 21.


Current Student Body President Moneer
Kheireddine and Vice President Shaquille Kent
announced their campaign for a second term.

Moneer & Kent

Running for a second term, Moneer Kheireddine and Shaquille Kent both served as USF Ambassadors along with being members of other organizations across campus. During their last campaign, the two ran on a platform of H.E.A.R. the Herd with a focus on heritage, entertainment, access and representation. The duo are gearing up for Round 2 with the platform.


  • Ensure the creation of a Cross-Cultural Student Center, which would be a large space on campus for reservation by any student organizations with a focus on meditation, reflection and prayer. The space would also contain additional office spaces open to all student organizations, as well as texts and background information on a wide variety of cultures from across the globe.

  • Establish traditions of cross-campus seasonal decorations year round, which would decorate the Marshall Student Center and the surrounding central areas of campus with various holiday decorations to improve school spirit and pride.

  • Completely overhaul and revamp Castor Beach into a local hub of student activity, featuring a full deck, more hammocks and a renewed beachfront.

  • Revamp the Book of Bull into the “Handbook of Bull” to provide a one-stop shop for all resources, tools and perks available for free for any USF student, such as anti-virus software, student programs and other benefits that all students should be informed on.

  • Continue to advocate on building an on-campus football stadium in the coming years.



  • Establish permanent discounts for Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World and various other parks/attractions across Florida for USF students, based on what students would like to see discounted.

  • Ensure the construction of a USF rock wall to be utilized by all students and built at Campus Recreation.

  • Create and establish a gaming arena featuring free arcade-style games as well as gaming PCs at the Marshall Student Center open to all students, and establish the first USF e-sports team.

  • Establish a welcome back concert hosted by Student Government in the Sun Dome during Week of Welcome that would feature USF bands, performers, and the State of the Student Body address.

  • Build a snack station at the USF library outfitted with a microwave and one free snack per day on a first-come, first-served basis for students.



  • Create a permanent partnership with Lyft for discounted rides and drop-off points on campus for students near USF all week in an attempt to assist in easing the amount of cars parked on campus throughout the week.  

  • Incorporate an autonomous vehicle service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week transportation on campus through self-driving carts that would transport students to and from any location on campus any time throughout the week.

  • Work to create and promote an e-textbooks program that ensures all professors offer an e-textbook alternative for their coursework to lower the cost of textbooks.

  • Create a reserve system for printing that would allow students the option of going over their prints up to a certain amount once a semester, to ensure that if a student needs to print a large syllabus or paper, they are given resources needed to do so.

  • Ensure the creation of a USF Syllabus Bank by the fall of 2018 for the student body to have access to prior course syllabi for any course they are hoping to enroll in.



  • Advocate to remove just the minus from the +/- grading scale system to create a simpler and more fair grading scale for the student body.

  • Distribute free BASU keychain eAlarms to all students on campus to promote safety and security.

  • Establish a “Council of Presidents” that would allow for every student organization president to meet together with Student Government about issues affecting each of their student organizations.

  • Advocate for an “Organizational Medical Amnesty” policy to encourage student organizations to seek emergency medical assistance when faced with an alcohol and/or other drug-related emergency.

  • Create free educational programs that allow for student representatives from any student organization to be trained in first aid, CPR and other life-saving skills to spread the availability of these skills to the student body.


“A combination of my love for service and love for USF inspired me to run for student government; I wanted to give back to the institution that has given me so many opportunities,” Kent wrote for the ticket’s campaign. “I am running yet again because I value consistency and completion, and I want to be granted another opportunity to fully achieve what Moneer and I promised the student body.”


Grabby Cruz, a junior majoring in health sciences,
is running for student body president with Scott Tavlin,
a junior majoring in communications at her side.

Gabby & Scott

Gabby Cruz, a junior majoring in health sciences, is running with Scott Tavlin, a junior majoring in communication. Neither have worked in SG before. Cruz has worked for the Office of Orientation and as a USF Ambassador. She’s also visited Riobamba, Ecuador, with the USF chapter of MedLife to help organize free mobile health clinics. Tavlin has worked as an Orientation leader and has served as president of the Sigma Nu fraternity.


  • Start a universitywide philanthropy supported by SG on behalf of all students.

  • Advocate for scheduled tablings by SG Executive Team for student concerns.

  • Create periodic videos from SG to the student body about SG initiatives, updates and progress.

  • Install a microwave and traveling coffee cart in the library for student ease.



  • Begin the Big Bull program to connect new students with upperclassmen.

  • Establish a program through the Alumni Association to pair graduating students with alumni.

  • Bring forth SG’s presence and purpose at the start of the new student experience.

  • Create Host-a-Bull program for students on campus during the holidays.

  • Establish a semesterly group life coaching session through USF Health and Wellness.



  • Enact a zero-tolerance policy for sexual assault on campus.

  • Create a council of USF students, faculty and staff to determine disciplinary actions in sexual assault reports.

  • Expand SAFE team operations through hours of service and outreach.

  • Design parking permit payment plan and/or allow financial aid as a form of payment.

  • Advocate for an International Student Living Learning Community.

  • Support the previous NPHC and MHC plot initiative.

  • Initiate a positive relationship with SG and the Greek community.



  • Support an exam-free Homecoming Week.

  • Provide free parking at football games for USF students.

  • Streamline communication with students about current events and activities on a continuous basis.

  • Host Bull Bash pep rally at Riverfront Park the night prior to football games.

  • Collaborate with the Campus Activities Board to create a new and unique Bulls Nite Out experience.


“Being the daughter of immigrants and a first-generation Latina college student is a very significant part of who I am and why I care so deeply about this role,” Cruz wrote for the ticket’s campaign. “I have seen the great and even the grand parts of being a student here, but I have also seen the ugly. I firmly believe that every student at USF has the capacity of bringing USF to new heights and I want to help those students reach their true potential, no matter what turns this journey may take them on.”


Not all candidates have begun campaigning. The story will be updated to include other tickets as information becomes available.