Campus Publix gets approval to break ground

The announcement of an on-campus Publix came in 2015 and a section of parking Lot 16 has been closed off for work to get started.

Construction of the on-campus Publix has begun making progress.

The area on which the 28,000-square feet Publix will sit has been blocked off, and announcements have been made to the student body that traffic may be impacted. 

According to the USF’s facilities management website, the west portion of Lot 16 has been closed since Dec. 11 and temporary lane closures may occur. 

The university made an agreement with Publix in late 2015 for a 20 year stay on campus with six potential five-year renewals which could possibly increase the total stay to 50 years. Publix will pay USF $130,000 every year to rent the land on the corner of Fletcher Avenue and North Palm Drive, resulting in USF having no financial obligation.

This location was originally expected to be completed in late 2017, but there were delays in the construction for undisclosed reasons. 

This would be among the first Publix’s to be built on a university campus and seems to be favored among students since the initial announcement. It will sit on about three acres of land on USF’s campus.

Other locations of similar size usually employ about 130 full- or part-time employees who are able to receive stock options, quarterly bonuses and tuition reimbursement of up to $3,200 a year for select courses.

Publix said they would hold at least two job fairs every year on campus in an effort to employ students. 

In a voicemail, Brian West, the media and community relations manager for Publix, said construction should be starting soon.

“My latest report shows the permit have been obtained for that location,” West said. “Construction should be about to begin on that location.” 

However, an official construction start date has not been determined.