Orientation Team Leader applications open

Applications for the positions of Orientation Team Leader close Sept. 29.

As a new wave of hopeful Bulls prepare their admittance applications, the role of Orientation Team Leader (OTL) is also accepting student applicants for the 2018 academic year.

OTLs are pillars in the campus community. As a result, many students are interested in filling the positions that may be open.

Troy Causey, a junior majoring in business management, is a current OTL for Team Global for Orientation 2017-18. Causey applied for the position for the year before and was recommended to apply this year.

“Orientation Leaders are the first person students get to make a deep connection with,” Causey said. 

Being an OTL not only entails devoting the entire summer to working orientation sessions, but also becoming a full time leader and role model on campus throughout the year.

 “Orientation Leaders know what you need to do to succeed here,” Causey said. “We answer questions that students have and provide resources for all students.”

Causey’s experience applying for the position twice taught him to be persistent and to take the year to grow as an individual and as a leader. He encourages all students who apply and don’t get the position to stay connected with the Office of Orientation.

“Even if you don’t get the position as  Orientation Leader, the Office of Orientation can lead you to another position that might be more fitting for you,” Causey said.

Nick Albenga, a junior majoring in communications and a current OTL and Student Engagement Leader, is on Team Bull Market for Orientation 2017-18. 

Orientation is a place for incoming students to grow, but also a chance for leaders to gain insight on how the relationship between students and leaders impacts the entire USF community. 

“It makes you think about yourself, why you do things, why you are good to people, and why you do what you do,” Albenga said. “Orientation is the truest expression of oneself.”

Cristian Flores, a junior double majoring in biomedical sciences and psychology, is a current Orientation Leader for Team Intramurals for Orientation 2017-18. 

Flores became a commuter student his sophomore year and said he felt himself becoming less involved on campus. 

“I needed to find my root here,” Flores said. “Being an Orientation Leader was the easiest way to integrate myself into the University. It gave me so much more than I expected.”

By becoming a part of the orientation team, Flores not only become a prevalent face on campus, but he also gained a sense of leadership, even when not wearing his widely-recognizable orientation uniform. 

 “We are always representing the office,” Flores said. “Over the past few years, the orientation brand has been built up. A lot of people want to be apart of the team and know more about what we do. We have to live up to that standard and pass it along to students.” 

Jasmine Conner, a freshman majoring in marine biology, recently applied to be an Orientation Leader. 

 “My Orientation Leader really inspired me,” Conner said. “I saw how connected she was to every student at orientation. She was the person who made everyone feel comfortable and less intimidated.” 

As the application period carries on, the Office of Orientation encourages students to apply. Applications are due Sept. 29 at the end of the day.

“We are incoming students’ first interaction and impression of USF,” Flores said. “Our job is to pass the torch.”