Student org work space to be temporarily taken away

Work space previously used by student organizations is currently not available during possible renovations.

Work stations for 36 student organizations in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) offices will not continue to be available to assigned clubs.

This comes across after the CLCE was denied funding by the Student Government Senate on May 30 to redesign the office space. Currently the space is offers individual desks for clubs that apply, but the proposal would change the offices to be more open without designated desks.

Right now, the future of the space is unclear. Space is currently not designated to specific clubs and may be closed starting in fall depending on the decision regarding renovations.

“We want this decision, whether it be to leave as is or continue to pursue the renovations, to be implemented by the start of the fall,” said Katie Leonard, the coordinator for student organizations and leadership.

With an overwhelming amount of differing opinions, it seems as though what is to come for the CLCE student organizations office spaces is still in question, especially amongst those who are deciding.

“The usage for the space is now unknown, it will likely remain as the status quo, or could potentially become just another student gathering space,” said Winston Jones, the associate dean of student affairs and student success.

Existing occupants will be granted priority for allocation of work spaces when a decision is made, Leonard added.  Until that time, student organizations will have access to locker spaces, but all of the desks are expected to remain empty.

Campus leaders questioned the decision and what it could mean for the future of their student organizations.

Julia McClure is the vice president of the P.R.I.D.E. Alliance student organization. McClure and her organization have occupied an office space in the CLCE offices for a number of years. She said the space has proven to be a true asset to the mission of their organization.

“The hold on CLCE office spaces will definitely affect P.R.I.D.E. Alliance. Our organization is one that must provide privacy and confidentiality. Not having an office space puts that at stake,” McClure said.

McClure also added that according to Facebook polls, an overwhelming majority of students do not support the proposed renovations and most certainly would not like office spaces being removed.

Since no official polls have been taken to express opinions, Student Body President Moneer Kheireddine spoke as the voice of the students. He said he believes a step needs to be taken to accommodate student organizations that want to use the area as a work space.

“My goal is to be a representative of the students,” Kheireddine said. “In that role I will be reaching out to the CLCE to see what steps we can take from a Student Government perspective to assist and ensure that our student organizations have the space to utilize and take a step forward in a positive direction as opposed to pointing fingers.”