EDITORIAL: When can we expect a president?


It has been 48 days since results of the Student Government (SG) elections were announced.

Still, no certified president.

A string of grievances and accusations flying from both tickets has caused this election to be dragged out much longer than it should have been.

Yes, the Senate approved a bill that would change the hours the Supreme Court can operate. But has that change made a difference in the timeline? It’s hard to tell.

It’s a broken system that needs renovation sooner rather than later.

The Oracle was originally told it would take four weeks to review the grievances, but it’s been nearly seven, and the winners of the popular vote, Moneer Kheireddine and Shaquille Kent, were disqualified a month and a half after voting closed. 

For things to change that late is unacceptable.

And this is far from the first time the students have been left in limbo.

This is the third time in the last five years that it has taken more than three weeks for a student body president to be named following election results.

Part of the problem, specifically this year, is the amount of grievances that the court and Election Rules Committee had to comb through in order to declare a winner.

After Kheireddine was disqualified for violation of a major grievance on April 12, a decision that took 40 days to hand down, runner-up Ryan Soscia became the President-elect. However, an appeal to the Dean of Students is leaving the fate of each candidate up in the air.

Should that decision not be made, SG statutes state a ‘Selection of Last Resort’ would be made 10 days before spring commencement, which is far too close for comfort.

With a decision on Kheireddine’s appeal expected Friday, this is by far the longest students have had to wait to see who will be their voice for the upcoming year.