MSC serves as polling location

Voters in the USF precinct will be able to vote at the Marshall Student Center (MSC) on Election Day.

Those who want to vote at the MSC must be registered with the precinct and have an address within its boundaries, according to Gerri Kramer, director of communications at the Supervisor of Elections office. The precinct encompases solely the USF campus.

“So, if (students) live in another part of Florida permanently and they’re living on campus at USF and they have not changed their …. voter registration address to their USF address, they’re not allowed to vote there,” Kramer said.

If voters want to change their address, they can do it at the polling places on Election Day. This is often the biggest problem the office comes across, Kramer said, at the MSC polling location. 

“We don’t want there to be lines,” Kramer said.

Voters who turn up at the MSC to vote will need to bring a photo ID or other approved form of identification as identified on the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections website. Sample ballots can also be found on the website.

Kramer said she encourages voters to make use of their sample ballots, figuring out who to vote for so those who haven’t yet voted can cast their ballots.

“This is not a test, this is open-book,” Kramer said. 

The MSC location will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Kramer said. She recommends students go to the polls earlier in the morning rather than later.