Controversial speaker yields large turnout, small protest

Controversial speaker Milo Yiannopolous spoke largely on his continued support for Republican nominee Donald Trump along with supporting several of the candidate's ideals. ORACLE PHOTO/JACKIE BENITEZ

Upward of 600 people filled the Oval Theater Monday night in a sea of “Make America great again” hats and book bags.  The masses stood in unison, with cheers echoing through the room as the frosty-haired speaker waltzed onto stage.

Milo Yiannopolous waited a full minute for the applause to die down before offering his signature smile. He stood behind a lectern covered in a black drape while wearing a simple black suit and red tie.

“I’m wearing my press secretary audition outfit. What do you think?” He said, posing for the audience. “Welcome to the ‘Dangerous Faggot’ tour. I am the faggot who needs no introduction, but I like to give myself one because I like the attention.”

Yiannopolous works as the tech editor for the conservative website Breitbart, and has toured the country visiting college campuses to share his views on American society.

The majority of Yiannopolous’ speech focused around the presidential election and his nominee of choice — Republican Donald Trump, who he refers to as “daddy” — and his likelihood of winning not just the debate, but also the overall election.

“Trump is a clutch performer — somebody who does better with more pressure on him,” Yiannopolous said. “The entire mainstream media and the structures of power in this country have tried to ruin this guy and they’ve failed. They’ve failed spectacularly.”

Peppered with vaguely sexual jokes, Yiannopoulos spoke on his belief that America needs tighter boarders — including Trump’s proposed wall — and stopping immigration from Saudi Arabia. When prompted by an audience member, Yiannopoulos also spoke on his adamant pro-life position.

“Murder is murder,” he said. “I can’t imagine that if men bore children that they would go around slaughtering them. I just can’t see it happening. For me, I draw the line very, very, very far back. Probably at conception.”

While the Oval Theater was filled with cheering and applause, outside the Marshall Student Center, students were echoing a very different tune.

“Hey hey, ho ho, that bigot Milo’s got to go,” the group of about 30 protesters chanted while waving signs that featured Yiannopolous’ face and others calling Trump-Pence a bigoted ticket.

The protestors called Yiannopolous racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic while handing passers-by flyers claiming that administration “has allowed a hateful person on our campus.”

“Administration claims to be progressive and you know this guy isn't progressive,” Tori Stratis, protester and member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), said. “He is known for hate speech towards trans people … very racist in general and is very misogynistic. We don't think that hate speech should be allowed on this campus.”

The visit was organized by the Young Americans for Liberty, a student organization that used Activity and Service fee funding to pay for security for the event. Yiannopolous’ visit itself didn’t cost the organization anything.

“I think we're just saying facts personally,” Stratis said. “His speech proves what we're calling him to be true. He claimed that he ‘went gay’ so he wouldn't have to deal with crazy psycho women …as if that's a thing, and it's very misogynistic in general.”