To Toy Story Land and beyond

Walt Disney World recently released plans for its new themed section, Toy Story Land, along with a variety of different upcoming attractions.

USF is currently in the process of getting the proposals ready in order to offer student’s discount ticketing to Disney Parks.

According to student body president-elect Chris Griffin, the program might not happen in the Summer A session, but he holds out hope for Summer B to implement the program.

“In Toy Story Land, you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz,” wrote Thomas Smith, editorial content director on the Disney Parks blog Wednesday.

The announcement divulged some of the upcoming attractions to be brought to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the first being the “Slinky Dog Dash”, a rollercoaster built to resemble the toy dachshund, Slinky. 

“On ‘Slinky Dog Dash,’ you will zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits,” reported the blog.

A concept video of the ride was also released on the Disney Park blog, demonstrating how the ride will look from a multitude of angles.

Another main attraction in Toy Story Land is “Alien Swirling Saucers.” A fun twist to the classic tea-cup and saucer rides everyone is familiar with. This ride allows visitors to join the fun Little Green Men for a spin in some flying saucers, with the all-powerful claw looming over them, poised and ready to grab its next chosen one.

The park will also feature the already established “Toy Story Mania!” game, in which visitors are taken on a ride into the carnival-style “Toy Story Midway Games Play Set,” conveniently located under Andy’s bed. The object of the game is to shoot at 3D objects and rack up points while your cart constantly moves down the midway.

However, these are not the only additions that Disney is set to debut in 2016. Disney Epcot has been under construction, busy at work creating its new “Frozen” themed attraction.

“Frozen Ever After” will be located in the Norway section of the park and will take visitors on a scenic tour of the kingdom of Arendelle during their “Winter Festival”. The ride will feature live actors portraying the characters and fan favorite music from the film. The ride is set to debut in June 2016.

The highly anticipated “Star Wars” themed land known as the “Star Wars Experience” is also set to open in both Disneyland, California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida. 

Construction on both versions of the land are set to begin this month, and according to Click Orlando,  Bob Iger, Disney CEO, said that the new "Star Wars" area will feature a cantina restaurant and two major rides.

“In these all-new lands, guests will be transported to a never-before-seen planet inhabited by humanoids, droids and many others,” said the Disney Park blog. 

“Star Wars-themed lands will be the largest-ever single-themed land expansions at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.”

Starting in June, the fireworks show, “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” is set to premier in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“It will combine fireworks, pyrotechnics, special effects and video projections that will turn the nearby Chinese Theater and other buildings into the twin suns of Tatooine, a field of battle droids, the trench of the Death Star, Starkiller Base and other ‘Star Wars’ destinations,” wrote editorial content manager, Jennifer Fickley-Baker, on the Disney Parks blog. 

“The show will be punctuated with a tower of fire and spotlight beams, creating massive lightsabers in the sky. This new show will be the most elaborate fireworks display to take place in the history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.”