New SG Chief Justice announced

The new Supreme Court Chief Justice, Milton Llanas, was officially sworn in at Tuesday night's Senate meeting by Senate President Kristen Truong.

The Student Government Supreme Court has a new Chief Justice. Milton Llanas officially swore into the position during Tuesday's SG Senate meeting.

The position became available after former Chief Justice Alec Waid stepped down before elections started in order to run for student body Vice President. Since then, Llanas has been leading the court. However, he was officially nominated by the Student Body President before Spring Break.

Llanas was approved without a Senate vote as the grace period after his nomination, during which the Senate could vote to approve or deny his nomination, passed at Tuesday's meeting. The position of Chief Justice is paid $10.25 an hour for 25 hours a week and has authorization to work overtime. His appointment was effective immediately. 

"Since my appointment as an Associate Justice I knew that I would develop ambitions to eventually be part of Court leadership," Llanas said in his application. "In the fall semester, I was selected as the Ranking Justice of the court and I have been serving as such since then … I am willing to endure and overcome any possible problems and learn from others through communication."