By the numbers

Approximately 10 percent of the student body voted during the general election for Student Government (SG) Senate, student body president and vice president last week.

Chris Griffin and Alec Waid, the president- and vice president-elect, won the majority in all but four of the 10 colleges. The ticket received 2,811 of the 5,163 votes cast for student body president and vice president — 54.44 percent.

Opponents Michael Malanga and Taylor Sanchez received a total of 1,710, or 33.12 percent of the overall votes. Their ticket won the majority vote in the College of Business and the College of Medicine while tying with Griffin and Waid in the Patel College of Global Sustainability with one vote each.

Meanwhile, Nicole Hudson and Amanda Hill received 12.43 percent of the overall vote with a total of 642. The ticket won majority in the College of Marine Science with two votes.

Griffin and Waid have yet to be announced as the official winners of the election, however, due to grievances filed against their campaign that claim the pair violated SG statutes. The grievance was filed by Sen. Aladdin Hiba against Griffin.

Griffin expects the grievances to be over with within a week or two. Moreover, neither have shown much concern over it, as they’re certain the campaign they ran was clean.