Candidates announced for 2016 Student Body President election


The applications are in, and this year’s Student Government (SG) presidential campaign will feature five tickets, more than in the last three years. 

The first ticket to submit a packet includes current Senate President Kristen Truong as the presidential candidate and cellular, molecular and microbiology major Mary Lumapas as her vice presidential running mate.

The next ticket has Chris Griffin, a senator in the college of arts and sciences, as the presidential candidate. His running mate, Alec Waid, recently resigned as Senior Justice of the SG Supreme Court.

The third ticket includes SG Executive Branch members Michael Malanga, a graduate student in accounting, and Taylor Sanchez. Currently, Malanga is the Student Body Vice President while Sanchez occupies the office of Chief of Staff.

Running as another SG pair, SG Director of University Affairs Judelande Jeune and college of business Sen. Wesley Viola are running for the presidential and vice presidential offices, respectively.

On the only ticket that doesn’t include any members of SG, Nicole Hudson will be running for the position of Student Body President. Her running mate is Carlton Drew.

Current Student Body President Andy Rodriguez submitted an application with listed running mate Sandra Sawan Lara. However, according to Rodriguez, the pair will not be running.

Campaigning for the positions will begin Feb. 15 and there will be a Meet the Candidates booth at Bull Market Feb. 24.

According to the candidate application packet, voting will begin Feb. 29 and continue until March 3. If the need arises, a run-off election will be held from March 8 to March 9.