Third man reported exposing self on campus

University Police (UP) received a call from a female student, Frances Lauippa near the Magnolia C Residence hall late Sunday night. She reported that a white male about 35 with dark thinning hair and rectangular glasses exposed himself to her outside the window to her room. 

“My first thought when I found out was what was I doing at the time was I actually in the building or not when the guy was actually really close to where I’m living doing all kind of shady stuff,” Lauippa said.

“We had a call around 11 (p.m.) from a female from Magnolia C,” UP Assistant Chief Chris Daniel said. “She left the room to call UP, and officers responded quickly, although they were not able to find anybody in the area matching that description.”

This is the third report in the past week, although they do not seem to be related. The first was on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, where a white male in his 20s driving a light grey vehicle approached a female student on her way to work. He was masturbating and motioned for her to get into the vehicle.

The second was a black male in his 20s near the CWY building by a red vehicle. He stood outside the vehicle and exposed himself to the student.

None of the incidents have resulted in violence, and UP does not suspect these incidences to be related. However, none of the three men have been taken into custody by UP or other police agencies who have been notified. 

Daniels said that these kinds of incidences are not uncommon in the overall area, however, none before these have happened on campus in quite some time.

“They could be (copy cats),” Daniels said. “There’s nothing tying these three together. They’re very different descriptions and areas of campuses.”

He went on to say that there’s no evidence that one incident isn’t inspiring the others, but UP will continue to focus on each case separately.