Broken water line results in AC outages across campus

Students across campus were affected by the broken water line, which caused Canvas to go down temporarily last night. ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU

A water leak at the Campus Recreation Center caused the facility to close early Wednesday afternoon, but the water also caused a campus-wide AC outage and may have caused students and faculty to be briefly locked out of Canvas.

The leak, caused by a broken chilled water line, occurred before 4 p.m. in one of the lower rooms of the Rec Center. Outdoor activities continued, but the building was closed to students for the rest of the evening and is expected to reopen for its normal operating hours this morning.

In an email to The Oracle, Campus Recreation Director Eric Hunter said the bottom level strength floor and fitness classes will remain off limits today until further notice. 

The main cardio level will operate normally.

An email from Physical Plant to university officials stated the break in the Rec Center also caused the air conditioning systems to go down across campus. Since the water leak occurred earlier in the afternoon, many buildings across campus spent several hours without AC before the problem was resolved in most buildings by 7 p.m.

Though it was not clear by the time of print, USF Media and Public Affairs Coordinator Adam Freeman told The Oracle there is a possibility the AC outage may have caused technical issues that led to the evening’s Canvas outage. Freeman said the outage only affected some users in the system.

The IT servers that maintain the NetID system, which is required to log onto Canvas, are housed in the Student Services (SVC) building and were similarly subjected to the increased temperatures with the rest of the campus. 

However, the SVC building was one of the earlier buildings to regain AC, and the servers were not without AC for more than a couple hours, Freeman said. He added it was unclear if the lack of AC was the cause of the IT issues with the NetID system.