Meet and greet: a guide to breaking the ice on campus

Meeting people on campus can be an intimidating endeavor, and many girls simply don’t know where to start. That cute guy from sociology class or the mystery man between the shelves in the library can seem worlds away, but perhaps they are closer than you think. 

Here are some ways to break the ice:

Some guys are easier to approach and a simple “hi” or “how are you?” will be enough to get the ball rolling. There’s also that one guy who is into cheesy pickup lines.

This kind of guy is laid back and doesn’t mind talking to you if you express interest. Genuine curiosity is often the best and most effective form of introduction. Some guys don’t want anything over the top — rather, a normal conversation is the way to go.

Other guys are a little more eccentric, and aren’t afraid of girls who are in touch with their weird side. Starting the conversation with a little edge — and maybe a touch of funny — is enough. They appreciate the confidence, and it gives them a reason to get to know more about you. 

One shouldn’t be afraid of giving compliments. Guys like to feel pretty, too, and it takes a lot of pressure off them. Relationships are a two-way street, and double standards shouldn’t be a factor.

One of the most classic ways to make an introduction is between classes. Maybe stop that cute guy on his way out of the lecture hall and see what he thought of that pop quiz. Then, you can suggest a study group or a homework session. 

Of course, being too forward can be off-putting for someone, but grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat is a simple yet effective way to go. Netflix may be too much, but Starbucks and chill is a good start.

A group of guys can be intimidating, but you have to take a chance and give that one guy special attention. A guy wants to know you’re interested in him, and not just looking to befriend the group. No one can read minds, so make sure he gets the hint.

Even more intimidating is a group of guys and girls because you can’t be sure whose toes you might be stepping on. Make sure to acknowledge the girls, and don’t be afraid of rejection. In order to get answers, you have to ask questions.

Contrary to popular belief, most guys are OK with being asked by girls, as it removes the possibility of rejection — they just have to say yes. Something simple like coffee or lunch at the Marshall Student Center can be a great first date. 

Long story short, guys are not as intimidating as their reputations may lead you to believe. They like to feel special, to be told they look good, to feel wanted. Make a guy’s day — talk to him.