Apps every USF student should have


If you have ever taken a lecture course, you have almost certainly forgotten at least one piece of equipment.

Nothing is more frustrating than walking from Kappa Hall to the University Lecture Hall through the rain or the blazing sun just to remember your iClicker or your notebook for that morning’s class are still in the residence hall. 

It is now easier than ever to keep ahead of the curve and remain organized in class. Several apps are free to purchase on the iPad, iPhone and computer that can make life much easier for even the busiest of students. 


This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people don’t know Canvas is a downloadable app. With the app, students can check each of their classes without the hassle of using a browser. With a few quick clicks you can check on assignments, view documents or track progress in any of your classes. 


Dropbox is useful for storing all of your files through a database seamlessly between your phone and your computer. Easily store class assignments, photos or any tools you may need for academic success. 


The MyUSF app is another extremely useful yet widely underutilized resource. The app boasts a campus directory, includes information about on campus bus routes, shows how many BullBucks are available to each respective user, gives insight into USF social activity and reveals what times the dining locations on campus are open. It’s an invaluable app for any college student. 

Reef Polling

iClickers are expensive. It would be much simpler use a phone to answer questions instead of one. That’s where the Reef Polling app comes in. It allows students to answer questions with a phone instead of purchasing an expensive and eventually useless iClicker. Students should check with their teacher to ensure that they allow the usage of the app. 

Khan Academy 

This app allows access to small lessons on a range of topics from many different studies, especially STEM majors. It is free to use and a great resource for a variety of subjects.