Grand theft reported in Argos center

A report of grand theft was filed with University Police (UP) on Monday.

The two suspects were reported to have stolen roughly $2,200 worth of music equipment Saturday night from the Argos center. UP said the music equipment included a valuable saxophone.

The two suspects were captured on video feed carrying black cases. 

The victim positively identified the two black cases as his property, which he claims was unlawfully removed from his office, according to UP.

UP Assistant Chief Chris Daniel said the investigation is still ongoing and urged
students to help identify the two suspects from the captured video. The suspects are shown as two white males wearing fur hats. 

Anyone who recognizes either of the suspects is encouraged to call the USF Police Department at 813-974-2628. 

Tips may also be sent anonymously through the eyewitness program by texting to 67283 with a crime tip along with the alert code “USF14OFF007347.”