Cool technology for photography


Photography has come a long way from the Polaroid in the past few years, and with ever enhancing technology, technology for cameras is changing as often as social media.

Every amateur on the planet has a smartphone camera and an Instagram account to add filters for pictures of his food, but new technology can bring anyone’s photography into a more innovative and professional realm.

From a camera that not takes a photo of what is in front of it, but also what’s to the sides and behind it, to cameras that can document every moment of life, here are a few new tools in the photographer’s realm of technology.

Panoramic Ball Camera

Anyone with a phone can take a high resolution photo of what’s in front of the camera, and anyone with an iPhone can take a panoramic shot that spans from side-to-side. However, the new panoramic ball camera from Panono can take a 360-degree-by-360-degree image – essentially seeing all angles possible.

Using 36 cameras for a total resolution of 108 megapixels, this camera takes photos when thrown into the air. At its peak, the cameras all snap a photo at once, and through a cloud service and mobile app, create a single image that shows everything in all directions.

Expected to come out commercially later this year, the Panono camera can be preordered for $500 through the company’s website.

Narrative Clip

While the Panono camera can take pictures in all directions, this camera can take pictures all the time.

The Narrative Clip, which weighs just 20 grams, is meant to be worn and will automatically take pictures throughout the day, up to two photos per minute. The 5-megapixel camera can store up to 4,000 photos with a battery life of two days.

While your friends are posting pictures of every meal they eat on Instagram, you can make them jealous by posting everything you see, not just your meals, all day long.

Though it is pitched as providing photographic memory, would you really want to relive your life through photos? More importantly, would you want to spend half your life deleting those excess photos by the hundred? If you do, this camera can be purchased for $279 at

Sex with Google Glass

One of the most popular inventions in the world today is Google Glass, a futuristic item that can access many computer programs through technologic glasses. However, Google may have gotten even more “innovative” with its app “Glance.”

Originally called “Sex with Glass” when developed in London, this program allows users to record each other’s most intimate experiences and even show what one’s partner sees, making even Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton jealous.

Even if one could afford the current $1,500 price tag for Google Glass, why would one want to use this app or wear extra glasses while having sex? As John Stewart said when the device was featured on “The Daily Show,” why would you want to see “what it’s like to go f— yourself”? 

iPhone lens attachment

Even if you still want to be an old-school photographer and use a camera with a variety of lenses in the age of automatic focus and editing, there is still new technology for you.

Instead of carrying a bulky camera bag that stores large lenses, Olloclip offers 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 lens kits that can fit in your pocket and be attached on to even the most recent iPhone models. The company website advertises a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens, a 10x Macro lens and a 15x Macro lens, and can be found for about $70 through the Apple Store, Target and Best Buy.