Top five Halloween costumes this year

Breaking Bad

During the series finale of “Breaking Bad,” 10.28 million viewers tuned-in to find out how Walter White’s story would end. Whether in the Hazmat suit Walter and Jesse wore while making meth on the show, or the simplistic Heisenberg ensemble of a pork-pie hat, bald cap, goatee and glasses, Walter White is sure to show up at Halloween parties everywhere. 



Duck Dynasty

With 11.8 million viewers during the fourth season premiere, “Duck Dynasty” not only broke A&E records, but also cable television records. Start practicing your duck mating calls now, because with so many viewers tuning in, there are sure to be bearded hillbillies making their rounds at Halloween parties everywhere. This is a great costume to do alone, as a couple or as a group.



Twerking Miley

Due to the over-exasperated hype that Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke received after their outlandish MTV Video Music Award performance in August, those planning to go out on Halloween should prepare to see a vast amount of one-piece teddy bear-clad women with their tongues hanging out. This costume is great on its own or as a couple with the inclusion of a man dressed in a revamp of a Beetlejuice costume. If costumed twerkers want to step it up a notch, the sexes can switch costumes.


Whether one is attending a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, the cute and endearing yellow faces of the “Despicable Me” franchise are bound to make an appearance. Minions travel in packs, so the costume is a great getup for those who want to dress up as a group. Each member of the group can have his or her own minion look and personality.



1920s flapper

With the success of the dazzling Baz Luhrmann film, “The Great Gatsby,” the Roaring ’20s will be back this Halloween in full force. Some women who are looking to take a break from the traditional “Sexy (insert occupation here),” will opt for the glamorous and classy look of the flapper girl. This is another great costume that can be paired with a mate, either inspired by Jay Gatsby or the other recognizable face of the era, the ’20s gangster.