BOT to vote on uniform speed limit

The USF Board of Trustees will vote on a consent agenda item today to create uniform speed limits of 25 mph across campus.

Currently, speed limits on campus vary from 10 to 30 mph.

A study from USF’s Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) said this non-uniformity “has the potential to create confusion for both drivers and pedestrians. It also creates issues in enforcing speed limits and having efficient, orderly operation of the Bull Runner shuttle service. The need for an update of the speed limits on campus is evident to promote a pedestrian-friendly campus and to provide drivers with a
uniform driving environment.”

Exempt from the limits will be USF Banyan Circle, USF Health Drive and USF Birch Drive, which will have 15 mph speed limits, and at the school zone of USF Bull Run, which will maintain a 20 mph speed limit during “periods of flashing beacons.”

CUTR’s recommendation was based off collected data since 2010 from 49 road segments at USF, and found that the average speed on campus was 24.57 mph.

The study proposed 25 mph speed limits “based on
engineering judgment, pedestrian activity and the need to provide a uniform driving environment.”

It also recommended for the university to install flashing beacons to designate school zones, and for the university to implement an education program about the changes.

Speed limits in parking lots remain 10 mph and 5 mph in parking garages.


— Staff report