A message to readers

Life happens 24/7.

And with the advent of social media and real-time modes of mass communication such as Facebook and Twitter, such is the timing of our ability to find out about the world around us.

This year, The Oracle will strive to move closer to that constant news cycle. We want to bring you news as it happens — news that has been gathered, reported on and vetted through journalistic standards and principles.

While you’ll continue to find the print editions of The Oracle, Monday through Thursday in yellow boxes on campus, we hope you will also regularly visit our website usforacle.com as we strive to update it as news happens.

But we need your help.

We hope you will make use of the student newspaper this year.

Hate us? Like us? Tell us.

We hope you will engage with us on Facebook and Twitter, sharing your stories and ideas. We hope you’ll write to us when you feel strongly about the issues around you and articles we write. We hope we can share your voice with the campus.

As we move toward a world in which the platforms of storytelling and sharing information are constantly evolving, the standards by which information will be dispersed to consumers of news are vetted through should remain the same.

Thus we hope we are able to provide you with a reliable source of information at a pace that is closer to the pace of your life. We welcome your feedback and participation.