Summer fashion trends that hit or miss

BEST TRENDSWith summer here, the best way to enjoy the sunny weather is to take advantage of the latest summer fashion trends. Though the Florida heat can be exhausting, that doesn’t mean it should limit a wardrobe. These summer trends are easy to replicate, and anyone can flaunt these styles.Tie DyeTie-dye dresses, shorts and shirts have become popular in summer trends — perhaps because it reminds us of summer camp days spent at the lake. It’s a fun, easy way to spice up a plain outfit because the design can be so unique and versatile. The best part of tie dye is the process: Why buy an already-dyed shirt when dyeing a piece of clothing yourself can be turned into a fun summer activity to do with friends? Tie-dying kits can be found at arts and crafts stores, or buy your own dyes and get creative with rubber bands and other objects.Hair TurbansHair turbans have also become a popular hair accessory, and with the variety of styles that can be created with a simple scarf or pieces of knotted or twisted fabric, the trend should be here to stay. These cute headbands are useful to wear when your hair isn’t behaving or you just need it out of your face. It’s a simple alternative to just a headband.Bright LipsBright and bold lips are always in for summer, especially pinks. This trendy hue looks great on every skin tone, too. What’s great about a bold lip is that just with that pop of color, there is no need to go heavy on the eyes or blush. A bright lip is the way to go for a night out or summer concert.Maxi SkirtsMaxi skirts are a must for every summer wardrobe. This trend is not only comfortable, but it is flattering for every body shape. Maxi skirts come in a variety of prints and colors that can compliment any look. For even more use, a skirt with a wide elastic ruched waist can double as a tube-top dress as well.MonochromeMonochrome colors are a classic. Monochrome outfits can be easily dressed up or dressed down — the individual tailors it, and there are so many creative options. Colors can add a personalized look, from black-and-white accessories or to an entire monochrome outfit. 

WORST TRENDSFrom harem pants to full neon outfits, there are some summer trends that are in desperate need of retiring. There is nothing worse than flaunting clothing trends that do not do the body any justice. The followingclothing choices just need to go.

Harem PantsHarem pants became popular again thanks tosinger Justin Bieber, who has made them a staple piece of his wardrobe. The trend became an instant hit and is now being advertised in every market. This look takes a lot of effort to pull off. Unfortunately for most women, it’s a fashion disaster.Neon OverloadBright neons are fun to wear, but not as an entire outfit. Though there are tasteful ways to wear neon, such as adding pops of color through makeup or accessories, a full outfit consisting of all neon should be avoided. Neon colors are fun and bright for summer — just make sure to refrain from overdoing it.Half-Shaved HeadMusician and producer Skrillex can be thanked for the one-sided shaved hair look, which has caught on among celebrities such as Cassie. Rihanna and Amanda Bynes. This asymmetrical look just doesn’t work for most, and must be retired. Though there are a few who can pull off this look, it still comes across as slightly awkward.Faux GlassesThanks to Zooey Deschanel, the geek-chic look is very trendy. Though the cutesy style has its positives, one element of the trend must go: glasses without lenses. It is a trend that most people don’t seem to understand — and for good reason, because it makes little practical sense.Leather LeggingsLeather leggings are great — just not in the Florida heat. Instead of wearing leather leggings, leather skirts and tops can work in summer and be paired with almost any other style. Go for leather accessories, adding it via hairbands or handbags.