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Tyler, the Creator, is growing up with his third album


A couple of years ago an angry kid from L.A got together with a bunch of other angry kids from L.A and recorded an album called “Goblin.” The kid made a lot of money and then proceeded to release “Bastard,” and the rest is history. 

The kid, of course, is Tyler, the Creator, the founder of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, who released his third record “WOLF” on Tuesday by Sony records.

Though its not a major deviation from the Tyler the world is introduced to, “WOLF” presents a more ‘mature’ artist – one who is a more aware of all of the aspects of his fame and all of the people that it has affected. “Cowboy” rolls out this gem: “Do you know how weird it is knowing I make a bunch of cheese/While my friends can’t afford little pizzas from Little Caesars/And their whole goal is to roll up and smoke bowls/So I don’t feel bad when they not eating.”

It seems now that Tyler has abandoned his straight-edge persona. In previous tracks such as “Bastard,” the provocative rapper said, “No to drugs/I never spark it.” Now listeners hear a different story: “Lets smoke weed/I got a eighth I could face/I got a blunt flavored grape/You can smell us in places we walk/And our clothing is always covered in flakes.” 

Despite this, as always, one has to take what Tyler says with a grain of salt. 

Tyler and Odd Future have come under fire for using anti-gay slurs and pro-rape lyrics, which seem even more rampant on this album but the root of album’s darker side is understandable. 

Tyler, 19 at the time of his fame, suddenly was thrust into a world of money and excess with seemingly no one to guide him through it all. He is open about the fact that his mother is not very active in his life and that his father is not in it at all. Though Tyler has got pretty much anything money can buy, the dreariness radiating from the album leads listeners to believe that the money hasn’t filled all voids.