Spring football brings chance to do something

The USF football players will get the spring break worked out of them, coach WillieTaggart said Monday as the team prepares for its first official spring practice on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Im fired up, he said. Our guys are working hard. Theyreally want to win, but just because you want to win that doesnt mean youre going to win. All of our guys understand if were going to get anything, we have to work for it. Thats the approach were taking in spring ball.

Taggart said he asks one thing of them: Do something. Its that simple, he said.

Coming off the three-win season last year with former coach Skip Holtz, Taggart said the motto is something he thinks goes beyond theplaying field and beyond
football as a whole.

They have to dosomething, Taggart said. They have to impress us and show that they can takecoaching in the classroom and out on the football field.

With a new staff, new players and now a newphilosophy, Taggart said he is jacked up about theupcoming season.

Im really excited for spring ball, he said. I feel like Ive been here for a year already and we havent even played a down offootball. Theyve been on spring break and we ran the spring break out of them. Now Im ready to get them on the football field.

As USF enters its springpractices, leading up to the spring game April 13 at the Raymond James Stadium, the team does so with a blank slate
serving as the depth chart.

No one has a job,Taggart said. Everybody iscompeting for a job. They have to prove to us that they can playfootball and do it how we want it done.

Though some may view the quarterback battle betweenjuniors Matt Floyd, Bobby Eveld and newcomer Mike White as the most important, Taggart said he wants to make it known that every singleposition from quarterback to kicker is up for grabs.

To earn a spot, in addition to doing something, toughness is what will be sought after as theposition battles go underway.

Were going to have contact, Taggart said. Thats football. Its acontact sport. I want a toughfootball team. I dont believe in soft football. Well see who has that courage when it comes to impact.

Taggart and his staff plan to build a battle-tested team forthe upcoming season bygoing getting in as muchcontact as NCAAregulations will allow. ForTaggarts team theres no room for fear of contact.

Moving forward into the next season, starting with the spring game, isimportant for any team, but as with anything that needsimprovement, looking back atprevious mistakes could proveuseful.

But dwelling on the past isnt of major concern for Taggart, he said. What henoticed the most about the Bulls team that totaled one win in the conference last year isits eagerness and hungerto win due in large part to them being fed up.

After totaling one win inthe Big East last season, theres plenty to be fed up with.

Theyre eager, Taggart said. Ive beenreally impressed with how theyre working. Theyreworking like theyre fed up.

USF will bring thathunger with them to RaymondJames Stadium April 13 at 5p.m. where theplayers will get their big chance to show Taggartthat they can do something.