Students voice opinions after local elections

Many of the issues that brought local candidates to power in the 18- to 24-year-old demographic were student issues.

Students, such as Connor Hurst, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, said the results of the state and local elections will have more impact on USF and college students than some of the larger elections.

These results affect funding for colleges, he said. They can affect opportunities now at college, as well as afterward like finding jobs and housing.

Student body President Brian Goff, said the results of the elections, such as the replacement of former state Rep. Shawn Harrison (R), a USF alumnus, with Mark Danish (D), will launch new efforts in communication between the campus and representatives.

Harrison knew struggles of USF students, he said. Now we have to make that aware to the new representatives, like Danish and the others.

Danish won control of the states 63rd district for the House, and Tom Lee (R) won the race for the states 24th district in the Senate.

In total, Democrats won six of the local elections, and Republicans won two.

Steven Boyer, a junior majoring in history and political science, thought these results would bring more diversity to state legislature.

Ultimately, its better if Republicans lose a few seats, he said. The balance of power is off, as it is now. Given how diverse a state Florida is, its important that the opposition have a voice.

Susan MacManus, political analyst and professor of political science at USF, said these Democratic victories will have an effect on politics in Tallahassee for a state that has had a Republican advantage for more than a decade.

The Republicans cant automatically just pass everything through, she said. The Democrats now have enough votes to hold things up procedurally.

Kassi Romero, a freshman majoring in biology, said she was very happy with the results.
Democrats, she said, usually tend to side with college students and colleges on many of the issues, such as funding and student loans.

Its an impact thats going to favor college students, she said.

Additional reporting by Alex Rosenthal