UP responds to drug and robbery complaints

According to an email from University Police (UP) spokesman, Lt. Chris Daniel, UP responded to a call reporting the smell of marijuana in Delta Hall Sunday night.

Once officers arrived they made contact with housing staff who pointed out a quantity of marijuana. After officers obtained a search warrant, a Beta Hall resident was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The resident was released on a $2500 bond.


UP responded at 6 a.m. on Sunday to a call about an intruder in an Epsilon Hall dorm. A 16-year-old was suspected of theft of property valued at $50 and was charged with burglary of a dwelling, burglary of a dwelling with intent to commit theft and petit theft. He was delivered to the Juvenile Assessment Center and the case is under investigation.

On Saturday, officers responded to the theft of two Epsilon residents cash $30 from a wallet and $40 from a backpack.

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