College indecision: waste of time and money

As the years first round of financial payments, deferments andreimbursements go through this week, students are left with a very pervasive thought: College is expensive.

Because of this, a student can only justify so much debt for education before the money that would be made with the degree is too low compared to the amount of student loans taken out.

For a student that far in debt, college simply does not seem worth the lifetime of repayments. No school is.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported in April that the total national student debt was at$870 billion. Only a month later on May 8, student debt exceeded$1 trillion.

The country has seen an increase in college graduates, a trend that may be able to justify the immense student debt, but this debt is not justified when there is no profit from it in an economy with an 8.3 percent unemployment rate and with the countrys national debt reaching $16 trillion.

Students can have the college dream all they want, but if there are no jobs and only debt in that dream, it is not worth it for everyone to go to college.

A university setting may provide a plethora of opportunities and life lessons, but with the exception of education, it has nothing that cant be achieved in the world outside of college. If a person isnt ready for academia, but has the assertiveness to seize opportunities in college, he or she could also seize comparable opportunities without college.

College is a symbol meant for education and betterment, and everyone should have a chance at it, but it is still expensive.

For those that will graduate with a job that will make less than what their student debt is worth, or for those whose purpose in college is not to better themselves, college is not the right place to be. For them, college is quite possibly the most expensive waste of time in the world.

Many agree that college is too expensive, and say that college isnt for everyone and it is true. If astudent is reluctant to be in college if he or she did it to be with friends or to follow a trend it is not the place for indecision. It is simply too expensive.

In college, every day of indecision and drifting through life is costing money. A student doesnt have to know what their ultimate goal in life is, but they should know if college is the place for them. If one knows that before beginning, he or she willprobably save thousands of dollars.

Many influential and successful men dropped out of college, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. But their successes are irrelevant to the average student today those were exceptional men with extraordinarily improbable outcomes. They were also decisive. They knew that college was not for them at that time.

Indecision in college uses time, and time is money. Students shouldnt waste either, and should learn sooner rather than later if college is worth their money.

Alex Rosenthal is a freshmanmajoring in classics.