Fun. is had by all at State Theatre

Fun. is an understatement for the name of this New York Cityindie-pop band, who played St. Petersburgs State Theatre on Wednesday.

The lead singer, Nate Reuss, formerly part of the pop-rock band The Format, teamed up with musician Andrew Dost of Anathallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train to form Fun in 2008. Current touring members include Reuss, Dost, Antonoff, Nate Harold, Emily Moore and Will Noon. This band is currently best known for their hit single We Are Young featuring Janelle Monae.

The band took the stage at the State Theatre in front of giant, brightly-lit neon pink letters spelling Fun and gave fans in St. Pete more than just a fun time. Reuss approached the audience and greeted them by asking Whats up? and created a familiar tone that lasted throughout the show.

He claimed to be fighting a cold every time he performs in St. Pete, but this didnt seem to get in Fun.s way of putting on an unforgettable show. They played to a sold-out audience of fans who crowded closer to the stage before they started to perform. It felt like a much more enjoyable version of a karaoke party for the crowd, who sang, danced, and clapped along to every song.

About halfway through the show, Reuss asked the amped audience, What do you say we keep this sing- along going? to which fans bopped their heads along as they made a dance floor out of the venue. Reuss claimed he wanted to quit smoking after the show, but said Youre gonna see me after the show and go, poser!

The setlist mainly came from Fun.s latest album, Some Nights, which Reuss said was a lot more theatrical it had a Queen type of vibe. Their hit, We Are Young, a song Reuss said is about a night out and an attempt to forget all of your wrongdoings, has been played on the radio and the television show Glee.

Their song titles are unique, such as At Least Im Not as Sad (as I Used to Be), Walking The Dog, One Foot and All The Pretty Girls On a Saturday Night. Hands waved in their air if they werent clapping, while Reuss would close his eyes periodically, giving a very passionate performance.

The crowd hyped up during Bar Lights, competing with the drum solo in the background. The band had the fans repeating the lyrics I feel alive before coming acapella. Ironically, during their performance of Be Calm, a crazed fan ran up to the stage to dance while they sang the lyric Im scared that everyone is out to get me.

A major hit of the night seemed to be Carry On, in which fans sang along as if it were their anthem. Fists went up into the air with the lyric Id like to think I can cheat it all to make up for the times Ive been cheated on and again while they sang no ones ever gonna stop us now, we are invincible, we are shining stars. When the lyrics I dont keep friends, I keep acquainted, Im not a prophet, but Im here to profit were sung from the hit At Least Im Not as Sad (As I Used to Be), the crowd roared with intensity.

Reuss lyrics are very personal and offer insight into his family, such as in the song One Foot and its claim that lucky that my fathers still alive hes been fighting all his life.

Reuss thanked the audience repeatedly for being one of their best crowds and fans chanted one more song in booming voices after Fun. left the stage momentarily before their encore performance of All Alright.

Fun. Setlist

1.Some Nights

2. Walking the Dog

3. All Alone

4. All the Pretty Girls on a Saturday Night

5. It Gets Better

6. Bar Lights

7. Carry On

8. The Gambler

9. Be Calm

10. At Least I’m Not as Sad (as I Used to Be)

11. We Are Young

12. One Foot

13. All Alright

14. Take Your Time (Coming Home)