Partnership forms to expand Moffitt

The Tampa Chamber of Commerce partnered with H. LeeMoffittCancer Center Monday and launched acampaign to promote a bill introduced Tuesday that would support the expansion ofMoffitt.

The campaign, Jobs for the Cure, backs a bill that would allow tax revenue from cigarette sales to fund the building of a Moffittexpansion on McKinley Street. The bill will be heard during the Florida legislativeseason that opened Tuesday.

MoffittGovernment Relations spokesman JohnDeMurosaid an expansion would lead to job growth in the area.

“The Chamber of Commerce is invested in promoting economic vitalityin the Tampa Bay area,” he said. “The initiative that they’re supporting atMoffitthas the potential for creatingthousands of jobs. For this campaign, the interests ofMoffittCancer Center and the interests of Tampa Chamber of Commerce are shared. Promoting growth incancer research andtreatment jobs will help accomplish economicrecovery in the greater Tampa area.”

DeMurosaid an expandedMoffittcould create more than 3,000 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent jobs, 927 of which would beat Moffitt.

“These are just the kind of jobs our state economy needs in the long term,” he said. “Jobs in the biotech sector are high-paying jobs that are good for thecommunity and theeconomy, but also addressesa major health problem and drives a knowledge-base economy. It’s an alternative to the traditional sector, like tourism and agriculture, that Florida traditionally bases it economy on.”

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