USF Honors College to move to a new location

The Honors College has called the Student Services (SVC) building home for about five years, but on May 9 it will be moving to the Administration (ADM) building.

Dean of the Honors College Stuart Silverman said the move, which is scheduled to be completed by May 10, will provide the college with more space to accommodate a growing number of students.

“Space even more in the center of the University to be even more visible,” Silverman said. “We are so thrilled to be going there.”

Silverman said there are currently 1,800 Honors College students. By moving to a new building, the college will be able to expand even more.

Silverman said the Honors College advisers and staff currently share offices in SVC and have little space for providing tutoring and other resources.

The Honors College classes and offices will move to the old Office of the Provost in ADM 244. The provost office has been located in the fourth floor of the Patel Center since December of 2010.

Silverman said ADM will be converted from offices and boardrooms to classrooms, a lounge and a computer lab.

Michelle Weller, a junior majoring in health sciences and psychology and an Honors student, said she is excited about the move.

“In the old office, the classrooms are really tiny,” she said. “They are like closets. It will be nice to have somewhere to go that is a nice classroom that will be a better learning environment.”

Silverman said there has not been a formal decision as to who will be moving into SVC. Honors College classes will still be held in other buildings, so for now the rooms will remain vacant.

He said Honors students and faculty have the opportunity to have more classes in the ADM building since the number of Honors students will remain constant.

“First of all, we have much more space,” he said. “Here we have two classrooms, there we will have five. We will have a wonderful computer lab and lounge area for students.”

During the move machines in the student computer lab will be briefly disconnected. Honors advisers will be unable to take walk-in appointments during that time, as well.

“We have laptops for advisers and I have my tablet,” Silverman said. “So, we won’t really be completely out of touch, but we will be definitely available for any cases of emergency.”

Weller said the change of scenery would be beneficial.

“I think the Honors College needs a nice place. The old office isn’t very nice,” she said. “They provide us with a lot of great resources and all of the staff is really awesome.”

Silverman said he looks forward to the change.

“Students will have just a fantastic experience,” he said.