“High” culture dining

Everybody has a little bout with the munchies every once in a while, and there are plenty of places in the Tampa Bay area fully capable of satisfying any random spikes in your appetite.

A day of the year is approaching where certain activities may make that empty feeling in your stomach feel extra deep, so Scene & Heard offers two establishments that will completely understand your predicament and be more than willing to let you munch at will.

Munchies 420 Caf

Munchies 420 Caf is located in Sarasota, making it a bit of drive from campus. But you’re not going to find any place like it in Tampa.

Open from 4:20 p.m. to 4:20 a.m., the caf’s mission statement is “to create food that has never been attempted and we use the best products to do it.” It prides itself in having bread flown in fresh daily from a bakery in Philadelphia and being readily available to feed any night owls that come wandering in.

The restaurant offers a giant menu of appetizers covering every whim your appetite may have for any type of homemade junk food, including hash browns, nacho cheese poppers and three types of nachos. The menu also boasts a wide variety of “fat” sandwiches and wraps, along with foot long hot dogs, subs and half-pound burgers. There is even a burger smothered in peanut butter for the more adventurous.

Every item on the menu is under $10 and portions are nearly as big as you’re appetite may be.

For directions and a full menu, visit http://www.munchies420cafe.com or call (941) 929-9893.

Mellow Mushroom

With locations in Tampa and Brandon, Mellow Mushroom offers the perfect food and environment to zone out and stuff your face with pizza that’s miles above any delivery place. The location on Sheldon Road in Tampa is very hard to miss, with its distinctive red and purple paint job keeping with the psychedelic theme.

Mellow Mushroom entitles the appetizer section on their menu “munchies,” and it offers a quaint but admirable selection of dips, wings, soups and breads. However, the most dire case of the munchies doesn’t stand a chance against their huge menu of pizzas with names like Magical Mystery Tour and Philosopher’s Pie. The pizza sizes go from 10 to 16 inches and you’re given the option to create your own with a wide variety of toppings.

The menu also has mammoth-sized calzones and foot-long hoagies, all under $10.

For directions and a full menu, visit www.mellowmushroom.com/tampa#/store/index/tampa or call (813)926-3600.