Campus speed limits may see adjustments

A standard speed limit of 20 mph may be implemented across campus said Student body Vice President Spencer Montgomery during Tuesday’s Student Government Senate meeting.

“They’re trying to be more consistent with what the speed limit is (around campus),” Montgomery said. “Most places are being raised to 20 mph.”

The consistency this measure provides would improve the effectiveness of the Bull Runner and increase safety by regulating all speed limits on campus, he said. Currently, the limit is 30 mph in areas where no limit is posted.

Parking and Transportation Director Manny Lopez is spearheading the project and needs the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to approve the proposed change.

“If RHA approves it, I think it will be smooth sailing from there,” Montgomery said in an interview with The Oracle. “Administration’s approved it; SG’s approved it. It offers students a more safe campus.”

– Staff Report